Editor's Name: Daniel Butler

Twitter: @TheTacticsRoom

Email: editor@thetacticsroom.com

The Tactics Room is a football website that aims to play host to high quality, diverse and unique writing on the most popular sport in the world. And, as the name suggests, our predominant focus revolves around what happens on the pitch.

Content isn’t exclusively restricted to that, though; in fact, there’s so many other football-based matters to discuss that it’s virtually impossible not to branch out into off-the-field matters as well. So rather than ignoring that side of things, linking the two together in one place is our overall desire here – in order to provide a full and insightful perspective within our pieces that’ll hopefully keep you indulged and wanting more.

When was The Tactics Room created?

The site was originally founded in November 2014, and from then until January 2017 it was solely run by me, Daniel Butler, as a platform for my own writing and nothing more. I’ve since decided to expand it however, and from February 2017 onwards I’m glad to say that, amongst other changes, submissions are open to anybody else who’d like to provide content for The Tactics Room.

May I write a piece for the website?

There’s no guarantee that everything will be accepted, but anybody is welcome to submit ideas for publication here. If you’d like to go ahead and do that, please check out our ‘Write For Us’ page for some more detailed information on the matter.

Can I, or my company, advertise on your website?

While we don’t have adverts, per se, we’re open to forming partnerships and hosting various forms of articles – such as to promote an exciting book or event, for example. As long as it’s relevant to our content and we have faith in the product, anyway. So if that’s of interest to you, please send an email our way and we can discuss it in more detail there.

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