The Final Post

When I’ve talked about this website to people in real life, one of the most common questions that I’ve been asked about it has orientated around my end goal. Do I want to make a bit of money from it, maybe, or get a couple of pieces published in a newspaper? Possibly even go into a journalism career? Well, perhaps. But truth is, there’s never really been one. So rather than responding with the impression that I’ve had any kind of massively thought-out, long-term plan, “just to do it until I don’t really want to anymore” has been my go-to answer for questions like that.

After deliberating on it for quite a long time, I can confirm that I’ve now reached that point. This is it. From now on, there will be no more articles posted on The Tactics Room.

To most people that’s probably not a big deal. After working on this project for four years though, or basically 20% of my life, to me at least that’s a kinda weird thing to be saying. Especially given that it turned out to be way more successful than I ever could've expected when I started it all back in 2013. From having the chance to do some work within football and getting mentioned in a book, to talking to some brilliant people that I never would’ve been able to otherwise, it’s helped me to do some pretty cool things. And I’ve learnt a hell of a lot along the way.

Like I said, though, it’s a decision that’s been coming for a while. I tried to breathe some new life into the site in February by starting to accept submissions from other people (thanks to the many of you who pitched something by the way) and trying to expand, in an attempt to freshen it up. Yet looking back I know I was just forcing it a bit. For me, I know this is the right time to end it. There are simply other, new things I want to dedicate more of my time towards from now on instead, and I’m excited to be doing that.

So what now exactly? Well, I guess there are three things to address specifically. The first of those is this website. Seeing as I’ve already paid to have the domain until the middle of November, there’s no real benefit in rushing to take it down: so the site’s just going to remain as it is until it eventually disappears within a few months. I’ll most likely export all the articles onto a free blog around that time, however, just to keep them online and accessible for whatever reason there might be.

The second is the future of the Twitter account. I'm pretty sure I’m going to continue using the platform, albeit I’m not entirely sure in what capacity just yet. Maybe under the same username, possibly under a different one, or even just with a new personal account altogether. I’ve yet to fully decide. Regardless, if I stick around I’ll still be talking about football though, I’m sure, so for the moment don’t worry too much about that.

Finally, the third is writing. Likewise, this isn't definitely the end of that forever, as it's still a hobby I like doing, just this site. In fact I may even go onto writing about stuff other than football as well at some point too, although I won’t completely commit to anything on either of those fronts just yet either. So don’t expect to see anything. If and when I want to, is the mantra I’m adopting.

And I think that’s pretty much everything I have to say. To wrap this up, though, I’d like to say one final, massive thank you to everyone who’s been so kind as to have read, shared or given feedback on anything I’ve ever written. I’d be the first to accept that I’m far from the best writer or most knowledgeable analyst out there, but I’ve poured countless days into making content over the last few years and knowing that thousands upon thousands of you have seen and enjoyed it all is more appreciated than I could ever put into words.

So yeah, thank you.

This article was written by Daniel Butler, the editor of The Tactics Room and the owner of the site's official Twitter account (which you can follow here).

If for whatever reason you want to get in contact or ask about anything, by the way, then as ever please feel free to email, tweet or DM (they’re open to everyone) me and I’m sure I’ll be more than happy to respond.