Welcome To The New Website!

After running a blog alongside my Twitter account for just over a year now, I’ve finally decided to make the step up and develop it into a fully functioning and professional looking (or at least my attempt at it, I use that term very lightly) website – so welcome to www.thetacticsroom.com!

With this all set up, having considered the possibility of it for a quite a while, the plan from now on is to produce much more regular content than I ever have in the past. That means me posting more articles, more infographics, and in the future there may well be some extra surprises and new features thrown in too.

One of those added features is what you’ll find on this page: blog posts. Alongside all the serious football-related content that’s elsewhere on here, I wanted to add in a section where I could talk a bit more casually about anything I fancy. It will still mostly revolve around football obviously, just with a different and more relaxed feeling to it. That might be me talking about a match I’ve been to or watched recently, possibly a recommendation of a book I’ve read, or simply updates about myself and the future of the site – whatever I feel like writing! So just keep an eye out here for the odd piece.

For now, though, there’s nothing else to really say so I’ll leave it at that. I hope you all like the website, let me know what you think of course, and I look forward to the continued expansion of this project in the near and distant future!