Recommended Reads - An Introduction

Reading is one of those things which I – along with many of you, I’m sure – always seem to intend to do rather than actually ever seriously get round to doing. I’ve managed to compile quite a nice and ever-expanding collection of football books in recent times though, and as I slowly work my way through them I’d like to share my opinions on what I read with you guys.

It won’t be done as a series of stupidly in-depth reviews or anything like that, partly just out of preference, but also largely because I feel that knowing the exact ins and outs can ruin the reading experience and surprises of even the most non-fiction of books. Think of the endless quotes from Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography which were spouted all over social media within less than a week of publication and you’ll realise exactly what I mean.

Instead it’ll be me discussing of some of the more precise, interesting and thought-provoking details in the books, a more unique look at them as such without giving too much away. I’ll also do a general kind of thumbs up or down of them just to give an overall opinion, however (just as a little proclaimer) I’d better not be held accountable if any of you end up wasting your own money on something you dislike!

I’m not going to list all of the books I have here, although you’re more than welcome to ask me what they are elsewhere if you’d like to know. Recommendations from others is something which I’m very open to, and if there’s something specific you’d like to see or hear about then I’ll do my best to try and meet those requests.

Get in contact if you do want to suggest anything in particular, but other than that I’ll just pick whatever seems like the most appealing read to me at the time. It won’t be a hugely regular piece as I don’t want to rush through the books or anything, and I’d like to vary my posts – but I’ll make sure I get something out more often if it’s something that you lot like to see.