My Time At The Emirates For Arsenal vs. West Brom

I went to The Emirates Cup in July during pre-season, but except for that I’ve never had the chance to go to Arsenal’s home ground for a game; so my trip to see them playing against West Brom last night was quite an enjoyable experience. It was very much a day of seconds for me, actually. My second time at The Emirates, my second Premier League game of the season (the first being West Ham vs. Aston Villa), and just like that other match this also ended up being my second 2-0 of the year. Alexis Sánchez scoring twice also fits nicely into that pattern.

It was, too, another game where you could sense unrest amongst the supporters. Aston Villa unveiled a banner directed towards the board at Upton Park back in February, and though the majority of Arsenal’s fans weren’t quite so overt in their anger it was definitely an atmosphere that was lingering. A few derogatory chants aimed at Stan Kroenke and Arsène Wenger near the end of the game did help to make that a bit more obvious – even if from what I’ve heard since they weren’t really audible on TV or anything.

The Emirates looking pretty (and a little bit empty) at half-time.

The Emirates looking pretty (and a little bit empty) at half-time.

As I said it was still fun regardless of that edginess however. I mean, how could watching Mesut Özil play football in person not be? He played very well as usual, and the explosiveness of both Héctor Bellerín and Sánchez was also enjoyable in what was a pretty decent performance from Arsenal overall. Meanwhile this West Brom side are hardly the most enjoyable team to watch (no offence to anyone) under Tony Pulis, so it wasn't exactly a surprise that they didn’t really do too much to add to the spectacle. But my low expectations of them beforehand helped to ease that pain.

And yeah, that’s it really. I just felt like giving a few thoughts about the game and whatnot. So you can feel free to go now. Thanks for reading as always.