A Big Announcement, And An Exciting Change Of Direction

Since launching it in November 2014, this website has always been a solo venture. During that time I’ve had numerous emails from people asking if they could write their own pieces for publication, and while it’s been very flattering to know that many of you are interested in contributing, I’ve always said no for various reasons. This has just been a place for me to post my own sporadic bits of football writing, really, and nothing more.

Until now. I’m excited to say that from today onwards, that’s going to change. I’ve decided to expand and take the site in a new direction, meaning that anybody else who’s interested in having something published on The Tactics Room will now have the opportunity to do so. For more concise and structured information on how to get in contact and pitch an article, check out the new ‘Write For Us’ page.

As a result of this, content should be more regular than ever before. It’ll be better too; of course the best news for everyone is that you won’t be stuck with just reading stuff that I’ve written. The general theme of things will stay the same though, in terms of putting full effort into making the articles hosted here as detailed, insightful, and unique as possible. That’s the general gist of things to discuss.

Antonio Conte's had some big announcements to make since taking the Chelsea job, and now so have I. No official press conferences here though... not yet.

Antonio Conte's had some big announcements to make since taking the Chelsea job, and now so have I. No official press conferences here though... not yet.

There is one important matter about all this that I’d like to address in more specific detail here though. Payment. If I’m asking for high quality pieces that naturally require a lot of time and effort to produce, I strongly believe, and I’m sure a number of you will agree, that it’s only fair that those who put them together should be rewarded in at least some small way for their troubles. And not just by offering ‘exposure’, because god knows there are more than enough football sites out there who take advantage in that way – but, y’know, actual money.

Currently that can’t be done. The Tactics Room isn’t monetised in any way, and bar a brief period of running ads on the sidebar it never has been. With your support, though, in a field where many excellent writers get nothing for what they do, it can become a genuine possibility. Those guest writers can get fairly rewarded for their work, we can gradually expand to produce more, and you’ll in turn have an even better site to visit for your in-depth football needs. A win-win kind of situation for everybody, right? I think so.

Now, there are two methods I’ve come up with to be able to proceed with this ambition. One of those is hosting sponsored articles, which I’m open to doing on the very firm condition that it’s in keeping with the rest of the site and on a product or event which I believe is genuinely beneficial to read or know about (I’ve touched on that kind of thing a little before here). The second, bigger proposal I have, is Patreon.

For those unaware, Patreon is basically a popular crowdfunding website that allows content creators to receive money from those who want to support a project. It’s a platform that a couple of other football websites, podcasts and YouTube channels have used successfully in recent times, and after assessing a few options I think this is the best way to organise this.

You can pledge however much or as little as you want to per month, from a $1.00 minimum. The rough equivalent of, in England at least, one chocolate bar or a daily newspaper. Not too much for one person on their own, but added up that could take us a long way towards the bright direction we want to head in. So if you enjoy what has been done on The Tactics Room in the past and are even slightly as excited as I am to see what it could become in the future, then please consider supporting it (if you’re in a position where you’re able to).

And that’s that. Feel free to send an email or a message on Twitter if you’ve got questions about anything. I'll leave a link to the new Patreon here and in the navigation bar at the top of the page though, so you can read a bit more about that if you want, and if you're thinking of pitching an article then I'll also link the 'Write For Us' page here again too. Otherwise though, enjoy the rest of your day.