Write For Us:

Got something that you want to write about and think it would be a relevant fit for The Tactics Room? Great. We want to see it. Submissions are open to everyone, whether you happen to be a full-time football journalist or someone who hasn’t written a single word about sport in your life until now. Who you are, or aren’t, doesn’t matter one bit to us.

The catch, naturally, revolves around quality. Plenty of other sites out there just host sensationalist news and short match reports, and we want to be different. Detailed analysis, features, interviews – now that's the kind of content we're looking for. A unique idea that won't really be found elsewhere perhaps, or a well-constructed piece that's clearly had a lot of thought put into it. Creative freedom and depth to your heart's content is strongly encouraged.

Because of what we're asking for, and also as a result of knowing how time-consuming writing can become, we do want to pay people for what they do. As it stands that isn’t a possibility yet and we’re genuinely apologetic for that, but being in a position where we can pay is without doubt one of our biggest, most important goals for the future (more details on that here and here). The more successful the site becomes, the sooner our writers (you?) can be rewarded for their hard work. Even if it ends up just being a little bit to say thank you.

If you want to submit something in the meantime, then that’s fantastic news. Just send an email over to editor@thetacticsroom.com with your pitch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Pitching Guidelines:

While some of you may have done it numerous times, we’re aware that pitching's not a thing that everyone has experience doing (or feels comfortable with). And if you’ve got an interesting idea then we’d hate for it to get wasted because you aren’t confident presenting it. So for those who need it, we’ve set out a few steps below to just outline a rough format to follow:

1) Subject line – Put the word ‘Pitch’ at the beginning of the subject line of your email, followed by something to indicate what you’d like to write about. A key name or a short headline suggestion, perhaps.

2) Introduce yourself – Start by telling us a tiny bit about your previous writing experience, and feel free to link one or two things as an example as wellAs said above it's not a problem if you haven't got any though, the idea and how it's executed takes precedence. This just feels like a natural place to start.

3) Present the idea – Say what you’re looking to write about and the angle you’d take on the piece. It could be a brief plan of the overall article, or just a description of the basic premise of it. No need for anything overly detailed, just enough to summarise it all.

4) Explain its relevance – Why would people want to read your prospective piece? Tell us why it’s relevant, such as if there’s an important match coming up soon or because a player’s been linked with a transfer away to a big club.

5) Set the date – Let us know when you could realistically have it all finished for. Just to give us an idea about the publishing schedule and whatnot.

And then after that’s sent over, we’ll reply when we can. If you end up submitting something that gets posted, it’s a given that we’ll share your social links and anything else like that with it. We’ll also try and offer some (hopefully useful) feedback to you as well if you'd like that, because that’s only fair, especially while we’re currently unable to pay.

So if you’ve got an interesting idea of a piece to pitch, get in touch now. We look forward to hearing from you.